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Thank goodness the rain has stopped and for a brief period, and surprise the sun seems to be shining. Lets hope this is the start of things to come. To get us in the mood for spring we have a…

Paul’s Blog – The Pigeon Fancier

My father is a pigeon fancier and uses pigeon manure to keep his lawn green and lush. Step 1: Submerse 1 part pigeon manure (enclosed in a mesh bag) to approx. 25 parts water. Step 2:  Leave to stand for…

Paul’s Blog – Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs Look after the hedgehogs – get porridge oats down as slug deterrent. Slugs eat the oats which kills them and then are safe for the hedgehog to eat. Paul’s Top Tip of the Month: Forget the fence, plant a…


What a wonderful place, a real family business, value, quality and service.

- Mr Evans