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We have over 85 years growing experience, producing a variety of plants. If you have questions about your how what or where in your garden just ask. Well endeavour to answer your question with 48 hours.

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Previously Asked Questions

Which plants grow best in the shade?

If the spot is dry shade ie next to a hedge, all Campanula are brilliant and easy to look after as are hardy geraniums, which come in a vast range of varieties.

A good plant for wet and shade is Astible or Caltha – marsh marigold.

For generally shady positions all varieties of Rhododendron, Azalea and Pieris are excellent performers but need a little peat added to your garden soil.

Which Shrub is evergreen and colourful?

A lovely variety of Escallonia called ‘Golden Ellen’ fits the bill. This shrub has golden evergreen foliage and flowers deep pink during the summer.

What does Perennial mean?

Perennial means that the plant comes up every year, some are evergreen and some die back into the ground in the winter and come through again in the spring.

Is there a scented climber I can grow next to my front door?

Climbing rose, Jasmine or Honeysuckle, best grown in the ground but can also be planted in large tubs.

I need something for a wet position in my garden?

Astible is great, Beautiful, colourful available From £2.50 – At this price they are very popular!!

I am looking for a tree to plant as a visual barrier to grow on the south side of a three foot stone wall. I do not want it to be too dense, as it is to provide privacy not obstruct too much light?

We would recommend Acer ‘BrilliantIssima’ a short 8ft tree with an umbrella shaped top to it. The foliage is bright peach and orange shades during spring.

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